Top 5 Bacon Recipes of 2023

Whether you like your bacon crispy or tender, savoury or sweet, these top 5 bacon-infused recipes will show you how to cook bacon like a pro!

As the weather gets colder and the snow begins to fall, many of us may associate the winter season with the holidays, family time — and food! What some may not know is that it’s also a time to celebrate bacon and the unrivaled joy that it brings to our plates.

December is National Bacon Month, and as bacon producers (and lovers) at Maple Leaf Foods, it’s our favourite time of the year. ‘Tis the season to eat bacon!

There are so many ways to cook and enjoy bacon — and that’s why we love it. This versatile food has the power to elevate any dish, whether it’s in a dinner entrée, a light appetizer, or a dessert. And the best part? You don’t need to be a chef to bring out the best in bacon with our easy-to-follow recipes.

For the bacon lover, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 bacon recipes to get your tastebuds dancing with joy this winter season. So, let the sizzle of bacon be the soundtrack to your cooking session and join us as we dive into a celebration of all things bacon!

Fuel your day with a bacon-infused brunch recipe

Start your day on a delectable note with our Bacon, Apple, and Cheddar Waffle Sammies recipe. Yep – this dish is as delicious and satisfying as it sounds! What better way to get energized for a productive day than with crispy bacon, caramelized apple slices, and soft cheddar sandwiched between two golden waffles? A delicious fusion of savoury and sweet, this recipe is one that is sure to have you craving its taste again and again.

Hungry for lunch? We’ve got you covered

Picture this: classic meets modern. Pillowy pierogies filled with a savoury blend of bacon and cheddar, pan-seared to perfection. Crisp broccoli florets tossed in a sweet and tangy vinaigrette, adding a refreshing zing to the ensemble. Indulge in a symphony of flavours and elevate your lunch game with this Classic Bacon Cheddar Pierogies with Tangy Maple Broccoli Salad that promises to add warmth to even the chilliest winter days.

Comfort classic bacon dinner recipes

Upgrade your side dish game with our Creamy Bacon Brussels Sprouts recipe. Simplicity meets indulgence in this hearty yet healthy dish. With these tender greens draped in an irresistibly velvety cream sauce and a perfectly crispy bacon topper, prepare to make room for a new family favourite on your dinner table! Whether you’re a brussels sprouts enthusiast or a skeptic, this recipe is sure to transform your ordinary sprouts into a dish even the children will crave.

Warm your soul this winter season with our hearty Bacon and Spring Pea Carbonara, a dish that combines the richness of a classic carbonara pasta with the vibrance of spring peas and the smokiness of bacon. The result? An irresistibly indulgent dish that captures the essence of winter coziness! But don’t take it from us – try this bacon carbonara recipe for yourself! You can thank us later.

Sweet and Salty Bacon Coconut MacaroonsSweet and Salty Bacon Coconut Macaroons

Craving something sweet? Bacon doesn’t stop at savoury – try these bacon cookies

Prepare your taste buds for a delightful experience with our Sweet and Salty Bacon Coconut Macaroons. You’ll get your classic coconutty goodness with the macaroons, but the star of the show in this recipe is the smokey, crispy bacon that’ll be weaving the perfect savoury note into each sweet bite. Elevate your dessert game with these irresistible macaroons that’ll have you reaching for seconds – and perhaps even thirds!

So… the verdict? Recipes with bacon just work because bacon goes with everything!

Whether you’re a bacon enthusiast or you opt for plant-based, chicken, or turkey bacon (hey, they’re all still bacon, right?), our bacon recipes showcase the power of using bacon in ways that surprise, delight, and comfort.

From smoky side dishes to sizzling main courses to sweet and savoury treats, we’ve shown you how bacon can turn ordinary dishes into extraordinary experiences! Let these recipes serve as an invitation to explore the endless possibilities of bacon, and as a starting point of a flavour-filled adventure. Grab your aprons, turn up the stove, and let the love of cooking take over!

Here’s to the sizzle of bacon in the pan, the aroma that fills the kitchen, and the smiles that grace the faces of those you cook for. May your kitchen be a place where the magic of bacon continues to unfold in every dish you create. Happy National Bacon Month, and happy cooking!

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