Fantino & Mondello’s authentic Italian charcuteries

From delectable dry salametti to seasoned cooked capicollo to dry pepperoni, master the art of the charcuterie board with your new favourite deli meat brand.

By Heather Brook, Manager, Brand Marketing

For more than 70 years, the family of artisans at Fantino & Mondello have been crafting the authentic flavours of Italy.

Born in 1949 in Montreal and named after its two Italian immigrant cofounders, the brand’s history involves decades of delicious craftsmanship and perfecting authentic Italian deli meats.

Fantino & Mondello cares deeply about the art of slowly cured meat and of taking one’s time to enjoy every day’s little moments. The brand’s authentic charcuteries are prepared slowly, in keeping with Italian tradition — sharing time with family and friends is the ultimate simplicity. This is the Fantino & Mondello promise.

It’s about the freshness of the best ingredients.

Embrace la dolce vita

After winning over the palettes of Quebecers, Fantino & Mondello is poised to win over all Canadians who can now experience and enjoy a selection of products including pepperoni, salami, capicollo, pancetta, and salametti. As of fall 2023, Canadians across the country are now able to enjoy the delectable charcuterie flavours that embrace the Italian dolce vita spirit.

What exactly is la dolce vita? Translated into English, it means “the good life.” It’s the Italian state of mind that pays tribute to life — it’s about embracing the art of doing things slowly. While slowly drying charcuterie meats in a clean and healthy environment, the brand lets time do its thing, and never rushes the process. That attention to detail hasn’t changed since the beginning.

In order to embrace la dolce vita, there are four pillars that drive the Fantino & Mondello brand: Authentically Italian (Verità), Premium Ingredients (Qualità), Mouth-watering (Delizioso), and Modern (Contemporaneo). These pillars enable Fantino & Mondello to fully embody the Italian dolce vita spirit in a way that’s simple, elegant, and innovative.

Enjoy the taste of today’s dolce vita with our authentic Italian charcuterie made in Canada from the finest premium ingredients.

An authentically modern twist on traditional deli meats

Fantino & Mondello’s authentic Italian products are crafted with unique, contemporary flavours. This blend of modernity and tradition is where the brand shines.

Did you know that according to a Dry Sausage U&A study by Callosum for Viau, 40% of people associate charcuterie with special occasions or dinner with family and friends?

Charcuterie is often synonymous with moments to remember — ones in which we treat ourselves and enjoy time with those who are the most special to us.

When it comes to product offerings, Fantino & Mondello has the #1 pancetta SKU in the country — it’s just that good! The brand has launched four sliced innovation products this year: the Charcuterie Trio, Parmesan and Black Pepper Glazed Dry Salami, Red Wine Dry Salami, and Black Pepper Capicollo. Fantino & Mondello deli meats truly elevate the table when it comes to savouring the best moments in life.

For your daily enjoyment, top your next delectable sandwich with a variety of sliced meats including calabrese salami, genoa salami, chorizo, and black pepper capicollo. These thinly sliced charcuteries are the perfect addition to a sandwich, charcuterie board, or just to eat straight out of the package!

A delightful twist on simple charcuterie board treats

Looking for ideas for your next charcuterie platter? From sliced and diced charcuteries to whole salametti and deli meats, whip up a delicious creation with authentic Italian charcuteries that will impress guests of all ages. Leave it to Fantino & Mondello’s meats to make your charcuterie board a work of art — pick up a charcuterie trio to create your next charcuterie platter.

Or try your hand at some more of these mouth-watering recipes featuring top Fantino & Mondello meats.

For lunch, prepare a Pepperoni, Roasted Eggplant, and Pesto Panini that’s ready in 15 minutes, and features sliced dry pepperoni stacked atop roasted eggplant, pesto, and mozzarella cheese — divine!

For an alternative sandwich idea, prepare a delicious Fig and Capicollo Sandwich made with black pepper cooked capicollo, and paired with figs, goat cheese, and arugula.

Reimagine your favourite dinnertime meal with a perfect-for-the-fall treat by making Mac & Cheese with Pumpkin and Chorizo, featuring Fantino & Mondello diced chorizo, ready for you toss in and serve — the kids will love this one!

Spice up date night with Carbonara – Style Spaghettini with Pancetta featuring diced cooked pancetta seasoned with black pepper and delicately combined with creamy, carbonara-style pasta.

Next time you’re out grocery shopping at one of the many supermarkets that carry our products — such as Sobeys, Metro, Loblaws, IGA, Save on Foods, Super C, and more — take a stop in the deli aisle to get your hands on Fantino & Mondello products.

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