Here is another year of past! The months are so fast, it’s amazing, I can still see myself writing the article for dog names beginning with the letter M for 2016.
As with every new year, the LOF calendar imposes a letter for dog names that are born in that same year. The M of 2016 therefore leaves room for the N for 2017 and the puzzle to find an original name for his dog ^^
To help you find the perfect name for your new dog, you can follow these tips:
– Choose a short name with two syllables of preference.
– Choose a name with syllables at the clicking tone.
– Choose a name related to your dog’s personality.
– Choose a name that characterizes the dog in relation to his physique.
– Choose a name according to your interests.

To help you a little in the choice of your puppy’s name and give you some ideas, this year I decided to propose an exclusive and modern list that I myself created with some research or just my imagination. Some are inspired by my travels but also my treats or my interests such as history or astronomy for example. This list will allow you to find the name that will correspond to your dog but in any case I hope you like it 🙂 Also, I took care to select dog names that should be easy to pronounce and especially easy to remember for your pet!
Here we go !
>> Male dog names 
>> Female dog names 
>> Mixed dog names 
Female dog names
Male dog name
Mixed dog names   

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