1/ Give me your confidence

I have confidence that you then made me confidence in return. You are my family and all that I have in this world.

2/ comfort me when I fear

I do not know everything about the world that surrounds me and some things can frighten me more than others. I simply ask you to comfort me when I fear, I feel safe in your presence.

3/ Do not let me not outside when it is too hot or too cold

outside there is no air conditioning or heating, then please do not let me not outside when it is too hot or too cold. I do not demand a lot of place but just a small place to protect me of time extremes.

4/ Do not forget that I need you to be in good health

I do not request large thing to stay in good health. It is just enough to take care of me from time to time by cutting my nails, Brushing my hair or even brushing my teeth. I do not always like these gestures but I know that they are done for my well.

5/ speak to me

even if I do not understand your words, I understand your intonations and your gestures. When you talk to me I am pleased and encouraged for the whole day, I do not like to be ignored.

6/ Don’t hit me

I do not want to bite you, I prefer to cover YOU to FUCK then please don’t hit me even if i fact nonsense. I can understand a lot of things and the strokes are not the good solution for me to learn.

7/ made me understand when I have done something well

nothing makes me happier than to make you happy but i need of gestures on your part to understand. A caress or a treat will make me understand that what I have done you satisfied as well I will be able to repeat.

8/ Don’t let me if I am not myself

if I am ill or that I suffer I cannot inform you in, only my changing behavior can alert you. Pay attention to these changes I can treat or save my life.

9/ understand me when I need to be alone

I Love You More than any but it happens sometimes that I did not want to play or to be caressed. Do not be sad if I prefer to refit quiet at costs during heavy summer days instead of playing in the garden. Sometimes I need solitude and find myself alone.

10/ Let me dirty once from time to time

I like to play outside and sometimes my roots is catching up with me and leads me to throw me in the mud, in a FLAC of water or another. I find there is a certain pleasure and found my wild side, which makes me feel good. Be understandable and don’t prevent me from dirty from time to time.

11/ spend time with me

even if I know that you are very busy, nothing makes me more pleasure when you me spend a little of your time. Nothing is more pleasant than fondling or a few minutes of games with you.

12/ treat me with respect and kindness.

I will never forget the way you treated me. The more you love me and me observe and the more I like you and shall protect you.

13/ take as much care of me when I am old that you have taken care of me when I was young.

When I was young, you have spent a lot of time to cuddle me and to play. My Fur may no longer be as soft and I have can be more strength to play as much, but my love for you will not cease to be strengthened.

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