It is proven: Dogs can “sniff out “our emotions

Science has demonstrated on several occasions that the dogs were able to detect the human emotions and to adapt accordingly. But a whole new study goes further, and proves that the dogs can “feel” our emotions with only one direction: the sense of smell.
If the dog can “see” when you are sad or happy using its view, it can also “feel” your emotions with the help of his sense of smell. That is what proves a new study conducted by Biagio of Aniello Of The Federico II University of Naples (Italy).
The dogs feel the smell of emotions
to arrive at this conclusion, the researchers asked for volunteers to watch videos for cause her in fear, joy, or a neutral response. The team then collected samples of their sweat and have submitted to the smell of the dogs.
It has proved that the dogs exposed to fear have mounted more signs of stress that those exposed to odors happy or neutral. They also sought greater solace with their owners and have less interacted with foreigners. Their heart rate was also higher.
“The role of the olfactory system has been largely under-estimated, perhaps because our own species is more focused on the visual system,” considers Biagio of Aniello. Now you can be sure of: impossible to lie to your dog, even without you see, he knows you better than anyone!!!!!!

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