Elderly people can travel the same as young people do

 Elderly people can travel the same as young people do

When you are retired, there are a lot of parameters that change, especially in terms of free time and perhaps also in terms of finances. Indeed if the retirement is correct very often at this age there is no more credit to pay for the house or for the studies of the children. This is one more reason not to hesitate to take to their heels!


 Listen! Come as you Are

If by chance you are reading this article, you are tempted by travel and you also think you are too old, tell yourself that you can absolutely choose your style of travel. Travel is not something uniform or imposed, with a specific style. And you can apply your lifestyle abroad in France very well.

If you are not in the best physical condition, no problem, do not opt for long walks or hikes by yourself. If you are more into relaxing on a good armchair with a good book, it is quite possible to go on a trip to a paradise beach in the Caribbean, with your feet in the water, surrounded by white sand and coconut palms. It will surely not be more tiring than in France. And if your retirement is not the most important, it is possible to just change the geographical location and do it on a beach in Thailand or in Morocco where the cost of living will be much cheaper than in France.


Be self-confident 

In fact, for some people who have never had the opportunity to travel, because it was not done in their family, and in their time it was not as democratized as it is now, we know that it is not easy to say to yourself: “hey, I’m going on a trip abroad”. So it’s the total unknown.

But imagine if they knew how it goes. That in reality, we do exactly the same thing abroad as in France. That there is no magic, hyper physical, or hyper tiring thing. Well I’m sure they would jump on the first plane and go off to relax in wonderful places.


My grandparents did it

I remember that my grandparents liked to take a few trips from time to time. They even did some that I’m not ready to do like Egypt or Kenya. Then when they had a few more years, and they no longer felt like doing this kind of trip, they did not decide to stop traveling, they traveled differently. For example, they have gone on cruises where you are pampered, where you are taken care of. You don’t even have to carry your luggage, and yet you are still traveling and discovering new things and breaking the routine and the daily grind, and boosting your morale!

Grandma is going on a cruise… for life! Break the routine

By telling you this, I realize that it is perhaps more important for an elderly person, or let’s just say retired, to break the routine. Being no longer in active life, there is certainly a greater chance of finding oneself isolated at home. If you don’t do more activities or don’t have a busy schedule, any opportunity to break the daily rhythm seems welcome to me.


The best retirement home in the world!

I have this example in mind that I would have to find by searching the Internet, of an old retired lady, who did not necessarily have a large retirement, who was alone, and who had chosen a particular lifestyle. She had managed to negotiate with a cruise company, to live year-round in her room on a huge liner, traveling across the seas.

And all this for less than a retirement home! In her case, she had a whole crew at her disposal.

You know that the customer relationship is extremely important in these companies. In my memories, I even believe that she had become the darling of the crew and that she used to eat regularly with the captain of the liner!

A retirement like we all dream of! When traveling, you can live like at home

If I give you this example, it is to show you that in fact we can do the same thing when traveling as in our everyday lives. The only thing that changes is that we are elsewhere, and in a context that is more exciting, less routine, more stimulating, and which makes us happier.

By that I mean that if this lady did not get off the boat, for example because she was too tired to go on an excursion and discover a city, well nothing prevented her from staying on board. On the other hand, if she sticks her head out the window or the terrace of her room, or on any deck of the boat, she will see that she is in a pleasant environment different from her apartment, which might be in a city.

If she used to watch TV, nothing prevents her from doing so on this boat. If she used to read, it’s the same thing. And if she used to chat with people, oh, she must have 5 to 7000 around her who I think would be very interested in hearing her amazing story.

Become the star of social networks!

What you have to understand and I have already repeated myself a lot, but it is that the foreigner or the trip is not a word that should impress, no matter at what age.

More and more people are traveling, and it’s being demystified. More and more people are going around the world and sharing their adventures thanks to the development of social networks, Facebook, YouTube and all the others.

Thus, others who dream while watching these videos end up realizing that in fact, there is nothing insurmountable or crazy, except to take the plunge. And when we talk about two weeks of vacation, it is not as complicated as the step of leaving everything behind to go around the world for a year.

If you are retired and therefore want to embark on the journey, and then bring a camera, watch how young people are doing and share your experience on Facebook and YouTube and make other retired people dream of discovering the world!!! 

Don’t wait any longer, and discover the wonders of our world, by becoming Apprentice Travelers!

Have a good trip!

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