Are Peanuts good for your parrot?

It is advisable to stay away from peanuts for the flock in general. This is so as peanuts are sometimes contaminated with aflatoxin, which is a fungal toxin given off by the fungus aspergillum that can lead to liver damage and aspergillosis, which is an odd fungal respiratory infection which may lead to death.

From the first glance, some parrots have pointed out that they have been feeding peanuts to their birds for years to no ill effect. This is true for some birds. Yet, the danger still exists. So, you would better not take the chance.

Roasted peanuts mitigates the danger somehow, but even that does not eliminate it. Peanuts in the shell, while a great natural foraging treat, are the biggest offenders. The explanation is that the shell is even more likely to be infected with such aflatoxins.

Better safe than sorry and eliminate peanuts from her diet altogether. Cashews are a pefect alternative. Almonds, pecans and walnuts are great as well.

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