What is the Dangerous Food for Parrots?

You should know that some animals eat food that others cannot stand. Thus, it is better to learn about the type of food to give to our companions, to avoid problems in the future.so I will let you know about the “dangerous food for parrots”.
Not Recommended
Below are food kinds that are not recommended in the parrot diet. Fortunately, they do not poison the parrot, but they should not be part of basic food to give.
Meat / sausage: Meat can hold bacteria like salmonella, which can be dangerous for the parrot. Similarly, a parrot is not a raptor, it does not need meat to those needs arise.
The charcuterie is banned because it has too many preservatives.
Grapefruit / lemon / orange: Citrus fruits are not recommended because of their diarrheic consequences, but it is fine if they are in small quantities and without glitches.
Cabbage: This food is not recommended since it causes diarrhea, but it can be given in small quantities.
Lettuce: Lettuce can cause diarrhea. But we can still occasionally give is in small quantities.
Rhubarb: Rhubarb is dangerous because of high concentrations of oxalic acid it contains, which is a source of intestinal irritation.
Food in high sugar: Such sorts of food can cause serious health problems to the parrot. It is advisable to avoids sweets and too sweet food.
Salty food: Salt is not good for the parrot, which can create serious health problems.
Soft drinks: These drinks contain too much sugar and gaz. It is, therefore, logical that they have no place in the parrot diet.
Pastries and food which is rich in carbohydrates (biscuits, pasta, etc.): In high amounts, carbohydrates cause diarrhea. Besides, cakes are not made for parrots.
Honey: This sweet food may contain a toxin called Clostridium, which is very dangerous for birds. So check the product source.
Fungi: Fungi can cause allergies to parrots. We must avoid giving it.
These toxic food sorts can cause rapid parrot death. They must be avoided in parrot diet.
Milk: Lactose is not simply digested by the parrot. All dairy products are toxic.
Alcohol: Needless to say, alcohol consumption is not recommended for the little parrot, as it is very toxic.
Coffee and tea: Coffee and tea are the cause of nervous disorders, so they are highly toxic.
Onions, garlic and shallots: It is a very toxic food; it causes anaemia destroying red blood cells and can cause death of the parrot.
Chocolate: Chocolate is one of the most toxic food types. It contains a substance that parrots fail to eliminate: the bromine. So ingested in large amounts, intoxication can result in death of the parrot.
The raw potato: The potato itself is not toxic, but some parts of it are. Thus, the peel and green parts, which sometimes found on potatoes, are poisonous. They contain a substance, which is a highly toxic alkaloid. It appears on overexposed to light potatoes.
This alkaloid affects the central nervous system if ingested in significant quantities. One should also remove the germ and the eyes of potatoes.
Parsley: Parsley is recognized by breeders as being a deadly poison. It caused a lot of parrot deaths.
Avocado: Avocado is known as a poisonous fruit for parrots. Moreover, it is a very fatty food, thus, it is not recommended to be given to parrots.
Eggplant: The fruit is part of the nightshade family (potatoes), it contains a toxic substance, which is dangerous to parrots.
Green tomato: green tomato is toxic. Similarly, plants and leaves are sorts of parrot deadly food.
Ricin: Ricin, whether oil or seed, causes death to parrots.
The seeds and cores of fruit seeds and pits of different fruits should not be given to parrots as they contain hydrocyanic acid, which accumulates in the body of the bird, so they lead to death.

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