What is The grey African parrot ?

 The African Parrot

The grey African parrot , among the intelligent beautiful ones, is tamed by parrot charmers as it easily gets accustomed to people. It learns  talking and mastering acrobatics. Today, I am going to tell you how to tame the African parrot. The expertise of those who have experience with such beautiful creature is an asset.  They  definitely enlighten people with different ways to train them.

The parrot is , indeed, a fantastic mysterious creature as it is capable to imitate words and sounds. God blesses it with intelligence. According to scientists, its intelligence equates  a five-year-old child’s one. On the contrary to what some people believe, the parrot lacks vocal cords ; however, it uses its trachea  to tune  and manage its sound and voice.

The parrot cannot receive our instructions nor any training orders from the outset without paving the floor to lead it be ready to receive them. It is considred the most difficult stage ; accordingly, the trainer should be patient and easy-going. Bear in mind that the parrot has a beak with which it does not only nibble the wood but  friable solid objects as well. Thanks to understanding and being aware of any harm impact, the parrot would never dare harm unless in danger.

Remember we deprived birds from their freedom ; therefore, we should provide the best compensator for them.

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