What Do Parrot’s Eyes tell?

Flashing or Pinning

This is observed merely in light eye parrots. When a parrot shrinks and enlarges its iris, it is a sign of excitement, surprise, agitation or anger. The other parrots’ should be taken into consideration in such context to determine their feeling.  Several parrots (chiefly Amazons) pin their eyes when entertaining, vocalizing, eating a preferred or new food, or when upset.  If the eye pinning is combined with erect nape feathers and a flaring tail, the parrot is likely to bite and it is recommended to leave it alone.

Eye Contact

Direct eye contact may be scaring or menacing to an anxious or reserved parrot; however, well-socialized parrots are fine with that.  Parrots will usually turn their heads to one side and gaze at an item with one eye if they are fond of it. 


 Anxious birds do not usually blink while staring at an object/human/animal that renders them nervous

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