What are the Winter Safety Measures For Keeping Bird Pets Warm?

A problem that worries bird owners is heating the space for birds at their home. Some of them are interested to keep their tropic pets warm at 80 degrees in harsh winters, but not the entire house. Both problems can be solved.

In the poultry industry, farmers started using heating lamps for keeping chicks warm. As a result, breeders of exotic birds also started using them especially for brooders for baby birds.

It is true that a table lamp can provide some heat when needed, but heat dissipates when it is switched off. Moreover, it becomes ineffective during the nights of harsh winters.
The solution is bird-safe heat lamps which can be bought from sources who market them for this purpose. In the market, there are bulbs which are coated with polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE). This substance is also used in nonstick cookware which emits toxic fumes when heated. Infrared incandescent bulbs or incandescent bulbs are often used as heat lamps. They warm objects instead of surrounding air. Due to their unique red, they do not disturb sleep cycle of birds.

Ceramic heating elements do not emit light so they do not disturb the day/night cycle. The Pearlco brand infrared heat emitter is specially designed for animal use; it is available from 30 to 250-watt output range. It must be kept out of birds reach as it can get very hot. However, spatting water will not shatter the ceramic.

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