What are the Winter Safety Measures For Keeping Bird Pets Warm? (2)

Safety measures

It is vital to keep birds away from lighting tubes, bulbs, heating elements, switches and cords because they can cause injury. Water spattering can shatter hot bulbs. Incandescent and hot bulbs must be kept outside bird’s reach. Heating products and lighting are beneficial when used carefully. Therefore, they should be used according to manufacturers’ instructions.

1- It is important to monitor temperature of ceramic heat elements around birds. In winter, they are usually left on all day which can make them very hot. Birds should not be able to reach them.

 2- Unfortunately, heating devices like space heaters and gas fireplaces can cause tragedies with pet birds. Just like nonstick cookware, some space heaters have components which are coated with polymers having PTFE (polytetrfluroethylene). They emit fumes on heating which are deadly to birds. It’s wise to contact manufacturers when making a purchase.

3- More information can be sought from Consumer Product Safety Commission about household appliances on these numbers: 800-638-2772 and 800-638-8270 (For hearing impaired people).

4-  Electric heaters with exposed heating elements and fuel-burning space heaters are not recommended for homes with birds. Such heaters can cause fire hazards.

5-  A radiator-style electric heater with no heating element is very safe. People have used them for 20 years and no problem took place.

6-  Vent-free fireplaces are also not recommended for bird rooms. They are similar to gas stoves, but they indoor vents than outdoors.

7- The pet birds should have access to fireplace. During winter, some bird owners run a fire close to bird room due to which fumes mix into the air.

8- It is very safe if pet owners install smoke and carbon monoxide detector in their home and make sure the birds are not overheating. Signs of overheating are panting, neck extended and wings held away from body.

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