Watch How This Adorable Foster Kitty Takes To Furry Friend Murkin

Foster kitty Thomas O’Malley Flufferpants hit the jackpot when he ended up in Murkin’s house! Mr. Flufferpants had been a stray who, prior to being rescued, had been covered in fleas and was missing large patches of fur. The cat also had an eye infection when he was taken in, and a physical exam later showed that Mr. Flufferpants had a heart murmur and needed dental work.

At Murkin’s house, Mr. Flufferpants was able to receive basic medical care and was given a hypoallergenic diet. He also received a daily dosage of snuggle sessions with Murkin, who is a former shelter dog himself.

The cat was a big hit among Murkin’s fans, who raised enough money to pay for Mr. Flufferpants’ dental surgery. After having his infected teeth removed, Mr. Flufferpants gained over two pounds! His fur also began to grow back.
Mr. Flufferpants was later adopted into a loving FUR-ever home, but made an important friend along his journey. Watch the video below to see Murkin and Mr. Flufferpants have one of their adorable snuggle sessions.

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