Are You Familia with Exotic Parrots?

Parrots are exotic birds that live in hot areas such as Africa, Amazon, Brazil … and they would not survive in cold regions.
The parrot often lives for long and can sometimes live even longer than men can. The African grey parrot (grey parrot Gabon) can live up to 75 years. I should therefore mention that any travel or prolonged absence requires an accommodation or someone to take care of the parrot. It is like having a child for life, so before buying a parrot, you have to think seriously about it.

Parrots have different colours and size depending on the species. The parrot’s beak is very hard and sharp. It uses it to break the seeds and nuts, which is most of its diet. It also eats fruit and other plants.

Parrots sing and often imitate what they hear. For them all the animals sing and our language is for them a song. Some have their own way when they pronounce the words they heard, others are almost exactly capable to imitate the way we speak. The African grey parrot (Gabon) is not only an extraordinary plumage but it is one of the best mimics.  From an imitated sound uttered by a parrot, you can tell what it was exposed to.

Other parrots are used for their colours and plumage because they just shout and sing without imitating words and phrases. Actually, if you have a parrot, you will find it difficult to sleep as they begin their singing sessions early.

The parrot can be in a cage or on a perch. The parrot perch is practical because its wings’ feathers are usually cut so that it cannot fly. The parrot cage should be large enough and should have several perches so they can walk around a bit. A bird aviary is the best accommodation for a parrot to move and exercise.
When bored, the parrot will often tear its feathers. Parrot toys can help; however, it is the presence of another parrot or its owner is what it needs. 

The parakeet is a breed of small parrots kept in cages. The parrot mimics human phrases, using their own special tone. The parakeet is popular because it is small, less expensive and easy to take care of, unlike a large parrot such as the macaw.

It is usually illegal to import parrots except for some species like parakeets and you should ensure that the institution that sells parrots is licenced. Using camouflage, Poachers who illegally import parrots kill 9 out of 10 ones.

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