Parrot : Body Posture

Body Flat, Wings Quivering:  Beseeching behaviour.

Tail up, Wings Quivering, Whining:  For female parrots, it is an invitation to breed. It is recommended not to touch the bird.
Body up and Rigid, Head Up, Head Feathers Flared, Strutting: The bird is urged to show a territorial display or is so agitated. Touching the bird is not recommended.
Quivering: The bird is cold or scared, or it is a Quaker trying to draw attention or treats.
On Back, Beak Open, Eyes Pinning, Body Rigid:  It is a too frightened bird!  Lories and many Neotropical parrots behave in a such way when they are too angry and they are prepared to fight.  Such reactions should not be confused with playing. Some parrots (mainly many Caiques, Conures, and Poicephalus) adore playing on their backs. Thus, the bird is clearly more relaxed.
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