To What extent We Consider Parrots Good Pets?

According to some statistics an estimated of 11 million birds living as pets within the United States, parrots are now classified as the fourth most popular household animal after dogs, cats, and fish. The emerging questions is are many parrots good pets? Probably you will be surprised to know that for several Americans the response is no.

Parrots are likely to be fascinating companion birds. They are trainable, they are cuddly and affectionate, and when well treated  they will form very strong bonds with their owners.  The flip side is that they are such social and smart   birds which require a huge amount of care and mental stimulation so as to thrive. Several parrot owners find it hard to allot enough time and energy to their pets, chiefly in the long run when the joy of a new pet starts to ware thin. What makes matters worse is that a lot of parrots may turn out aggressive, mainly once they become sexually mature. A parrot bite may not be a fun thing to endure.

If you think of buying a parrot of your own, make sure it is the right one that fits  you.

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