Parrot Sicknesses

Diseases of the digestive system: Bulimia
The bird eats without stopping, it eats quickly, it loses its weight and its plumage keeps bristling.
Causes: premature weaning, Parasites (red fledge).
The bird that has hepatitis is sleepy, sad, plumage ball (at times) depending in loss of appetite or bulimia cases. It usually has diarrhea. It sometimes has trouble in breathing due to enlarged liver compressing the other organs.
These symptoms may be accompanied by enteritis. In this case growth and may end by death.
Causes: too rich in fat Food. (Groundnut, sunflower etc.)
The bird has diarrhea and abdominal pain. Feathers situated around the cloaca are soiled and it is usually very fiery red colour.
Possible presence of blood in the droppings.
The bird’s abdomen is congested, and purplish.
It drinks a lot and it lose weight fast. Enteritis often hoes in parallel with hepatitis.
Causes: Ingestion of contaminated or fermented seeds, too many vegetables or too much pate with eggs.
Respiratory diseases:
The bird has breathing trouble. It does not eat and it sometimes vomits. It gradually loses weight and becomes dull plumage . It may have diarrhea. These symptoms are not characteristics. Diagnosis is established at the autopsy. Slow growth to death.
Causes: Fungus white (Aspergillus fumigations ) that develops on the lungs and air bags.
Ingestion of contaminated seeds on which the fungus are developed.
Mycoplasma Respiratory Diseases
When affected the bird keeps scratching its head with its paw or against a perch. Its breathing is noisy with small short gasps.
Nasal discharge and abscesses in the eyes may occur. The eyelids may be stuck by dried pus. Rapid and fatal growth.
Causes: Intermediate germ between the virus and the microbe, or P.P.L.O. Contagious illness.
Parasitic diseases:
Difficult breathing accompanied by light groans and sudden head movement.
Slow growth.
Causes: mite that lives in the trachea in lungs. It feeds on the blood.
Appearance of white spots in the mouth like mildew.
The bird is in a ball, sleepy and cannot eat; IT e may have diarrhea.
It loses weight.
Causes: Fungus that grows in the mouth, which can grow the crop.
Disappearance after treatment with antibiotics.

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