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The Canada Border Services Agency, well-known as CBSA, is a federal law enforcement agency working for the Canadian government. CBSA works with the responsibility for border control also known as protection and surveillance in Canada, immigration enforcement, and the customs services in Canada.

CBSA was created on December 12, 2003, by an order-in-council that amalgamated the customs function of the now-defunct Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, the enforcement function of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. CBSA oversees an approximate number of 1200 service locations across Canada and 39 locations in other countries.

CBSA works by being responsible to the Parliament through the minister of public safety and emergency preparedness, (currently Marco Mendicino). The company/agency employs a total of approximately 14,000 public servants and offers 24-hour service at 117 of the land border crossings and 13 international airports

Employer Name: Canada Border Services Agency
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 100
Salary$2750.00 – $7500.00 per month
Employment Type: Full time
Location: Canada

Why Should You Consider CBSA Jobs?

The CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) is a well-known company working for the country. It is the federal law enforcement agency that is responsible for border control, immigration enforcement, and customs services in Canada.

Perks/Advantages The CBSA Employees Get:

With working for the country, the CBSA employees get various types of perks and benefits such as Public Service Health Care Plan, Public Service Dental Plan, Disability Insurance Plan, Supplementary Death Benefit Plan Public Service Pension Plan, post-recruitment training and development and perks such as fitness evaluation centers as well

Facts/Requirements For CBSA Careers/Jobs:

  • To apply for CBSA Jobs a candidate must earn a high school diploma and a university degree or a two-year college diploma.
  • The applicants for CBSA jobs are encouraged to complete courses in subjects like policing, psychology, criminology, security or law.
  • The applicants must have valid driver’s licenses, should have clear criminals record with all the security checks done
  • The CBSA jobs preferences are given to Canadian citizens and veterans.
  • The candidate should be prepared for the CBSA entrance exam
  • The applicants should be updated with the recruitment events, to be updated about the new CBSA opportunities
  • The candidate should be aware of the candidate assessment program
  • If the candidate is a student, he/she can become a part of the CBSA college and can get employed directly from there

CBSA Student Jobs

  • The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has various jobs for students and hires students for around $33 per hour.
  • The student jobs at CBSA includes jobs/employment at international airports and mail processing centres in 20 cities across Canada, including Calgary, Edmonton, Richmond, Winnipeg and many more.

CBSA Officer Jobs

  • The CBSA officer jobs include jobs such as collecting duties and taxes on imported commodities, protecting Canadians, the environment and industry by preventing narcotics, weapons and firearms, obscene materials and other prohibited goods from entering Canada. assist to protect against human, animal and plant diseases.
  • As for Feb 2023, the salary offered to the CBSA officer jobs range between $75,100 to $89,068

CBSA Canada Jobs

  • CBSA Canada jobs can be said as the inclusion of all the border service recruitment in Canada
  • CBSA is known as one of the well-known and top-notch recruiters of Canada
  • With this, the salaries of CBSA Canada jobs starts with $22 per hour for the students and $94k to $104k for the senior-level employees

Step by step how to apply for CBSA Jobs 

  • To apply for the CBSA jobs, the first and foremost requirement is a security check. For all kinds of security screening requests (reliability status, secret or top-secret security clearance) the candidate should complete and submit all the details such as personnel screening, consent and authorization form.
  • After this, when it comes to job/post-selection, the applicants need to make sure to review, what they need before they start.
  • The best way to apply for the CBSA job is the Canadian Job Bank, as we redirect to the official website, a candidate can apply directly from whichever post he/she wants.

Note: The online application form of CBSA Careers does not allow to save information as an applicant goes ahead, if a record is to be kept, the print of the form can be taken before submission. The same can also be emailed to the personnel.screeningenquiries-cbsa@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca after the submission to request a copy of the form

Note: CBSA takes 20 business days to reply for reliability job status, 60 business days for reply secret security clearance and 75 business days for top-secret security clearance

Latest CBSA Jobs

CBSA Jobs Ontario

The most demanding CBSA opportunities/jobs at Ontario are:

  • Custom Officers
  • Head Of Customs
  • Human Resources Advisor
  • CBSA Agency Jobs
  • Database Analyst

Positions in CBSA Jobs Canada:

The most demanding CBSA opportunities/jobs at Canada are:

  • CBSA BSO (Border Service Agency)
  • Student Border Service Officer
  • Canada Border Service Agency Jobs
  • Custom Inspector
  • Inspector Investigator
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • NOC Codes Officer

Points To Remember While Applying For CBSA Jobs:

  • The CBSA employees should be willing to relocate anywhere in Canada including rural, remote and isolated areas
  • The CBSA employees should be willing and able to work overtime
  • The CBSA employees should be willing to work shifts on rotations, including weekends and statutory holidays
  • The CBSA employees should wear and maintain a uniform
  • The CBSA Jobs require a valid unrestricted driver’s license and be willing to operate a government vehicle
  • The CBSA employees should be willing to travel, domestically and internationally as required
  • The CBSA employees should carry, use and maintain CBSA-issued defensive equipment

Duties and Responsibilities Of CBSA Careers:

  • CBSA employees should contribute to the fight against terrorism, crime, illegal immigration and the illegal wildlife trade
  • CBSA employees should work with and support other government departments to protect the safety of Canada’s resources
  • Employees performing CBSA Jobs should promote economic growth by enforcing over 90 acts and regulations in support of trade and commerce touching every sector of Canadian society
  • CBSA employees should be collecting correct amount of duties and taxes on imported commodities
  • The CBSA employees should protect Canadians, the environment and industry by preventing narcotics, weapons and firearms, obscene materials and other prohibited goods from entering Canada
  • The CBSA Jobs also includes assistance in providing protection against human, animal and plant diseases

Skills Required For CBSA Jobs:

  • The CBSA employees should be able to work analytical thinking, judgment and decisiveness
  • The CBSA employees should have client service orientation and effective communications skills
  • The CBSA employees should be enriched with personal values, ethics and integrity
  • The CBSA employees should be able to manage difficult and stressful situations
    Various CBSA Jobs require good writing skills

Tips For CBSA Careers:

  • The candidate should have to keep a watch on the CBSA Jobs requirements of his/her field
  • The candidate should be aware of the requirements for his/her post at CBSA.
  • Explore the CBSA Career opportunities and create your own profile
  • Start your career at CBSA by becoming a BSO (Border Service Officer)

What Is Next?

CBSA (Canada Border Service Agency) is a well-known Canadian company that is owned by a government. It is a company that is enforced by the federal law enforcement agency that is responsible for border control, immigration enforcement and customs services in Canada.
When it comes to working at CBSA or a CBSA job one thing can be said is, what can be better than a government job. A candidate can apply for his/her department, department interested, get into the government job, work with hard work, get promoted and be in a permanent government job for life.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Is it difficult to become a CBSA officer?

Cannot be said difficult but becoming a CBSA officer surely includes rules. Becoming a CBSA officer requires a list of prerequisites, an intensive selection process and also an ongoing dedication to the role. In the results, the CBSA officers enjoy various benefits such as job security, competitive salaries various perks

2. Is CBSA a good career?

CBSA is one of the places to work and also is a perfect career for someone interested in law enforcement and public policy. Many CBSA positions also require shift work so keep that in mind.

3. Is the CBSA interview difficult?

A CBSA interview for officer-level positions remains a combination of a situational and role-play interview. Usually, these types of interviews remain intimidating at best but also can be hard to prepare for. With the other officer-level positions, prospective border services officers also get tested by these types of interviews because of the seriousness of the position.

4. How much does a CBSA officer make?

The typical pay of a Canada Border Services Agency Border Services Officer salary remains around $75,849 per year. With this, the Border Services Officer salaries at Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) can range from $60,790 – $88,703 per year.




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