How Should Old Adults Behave in Summer Time?

 How Should Old Adults Behave in Summer Time?

-Some tips elderly people should follow in Summer

With the advent of summer and rising temperatures, elderly people should follow certain guidelines and behave rationally to protect themselves from high temperatures and sunburn; including drinking plenty of water and wearing loose clothes.

Thomas Asman, a specialist in internal medicine, recommends that the elderly follow certain tips during hot summer days in order to properly cool their bodies, because as we get older, the body loses its ability to regulate its temperature on its own, unlike what’s happening in childhood.

And since the process of sweating perfectly cools the body, Asman, a member of the German Association of General Practitioners, recommends that older people drink large amounts of fluids on hot summer days, so that they can stimulate the perspiration process. Thus, overcome the heat of the atmosphere around them.

The doctor advises adults to take a nap between at midday during hot summer days, warning against any physical activity during this period because any muscular effort will cause additional heating of the body.

Instead of resorting to the elderly to take cold baths more than once a day, the doctor recommends that they – especially those with cardiovascular disease – wrap cold compresses around their necks to overcome the heat of the atmosphere. Pouring cold water on the legs cools the body well for the elderly as well, with the need for the water to flow down the legs quickly, and not suddenly all at once.

On the other hand, it’s recommended for old adults to wear loose and light clothes on hot summer days. It is true that not wearing a top piece seems to help cool the body better than if it is worn, but studies have shown that people, who wear a T-shirt, for example, with a wide variety of cotton, can withstand the heat of the weather better than those who do not wear top loose pieces of clothes. By doing so, they create a layer of ventilation between the shirt and the skin, so the body is better cooled this way.

-Severe heat and respiratory disease

The World Health Organization has indicated that the extreme rise in air temperature directly contributes to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, especially among the elderly. The WHO stated in extreme heat, the levels of pollen and other allergens in the air rise. This can cause asthma, a disease that affects nearly 300 million people.

Dr. Raed Mahmoud Nasser, an ear and throat specialist, says that due to high temperature and ozone pollution, many respiratory diseases occur in the summer, such as viral infections that cause colds, influenza or swine flu, and often when children go swimming they are exposed to many viral infections. Humidity and high temperature are an ideal climate for the growth of viruses and bacteria, and this viral infection often occurs with both young children and the elderly.

He explained: From a practical point of view, “prevention is better than cure”, but in the case of influenza, the elderly must drink plenty of fluids and have a complete rest , but he added that the vaccine is the only way to avoid infection with influenza. Since viruses change overtime, vaccination will not be enough; old people need to follow more preventive measures such as avoiding contact with infected people and washing hands before eating. Protective masks can also be used in dusty and polluted weather.

-Allergic rhinitis and nosebleeds

Regarding allergic rhinitis, Dr. Raed explained that it is an inflammation of the nasal passages due to dust or pollen in plants or animal fur, and allergic rhinitis usually lasts for a longer period than regular influenza, and can be associated with fever, and that the best way to prevent this disease is through Avoid perfumes, use devices that increase the amount of humidity around the house, do not smoke, and stay away from storage areas as well. The air conditioner must be cleaned regularly, and for treatment, antihistamines can be taken.

Regarding allergies caused by pollen, he added: high fever is known as allergy caused by pollen that is carried by the wind or carried by people through travel from one place to another. Clean the house permanently, and use devices that increase the degree of humidity in the house, and to relieve allergy symptoms, tea with honey can be taken.

As for nosebleeds it rarely occurs in children who are less than two years old, and the percentage increases after this age and then decreases after puberty. The genetic factor has a role in some cases, and nosebleeds are caused by the thin blood vessels in the lining of the nose in the inner or middle part of the nasal cavity, and it is known that the lining of the nose contains many blood vessels that warm the inhaled air, and because of the thinness of these vessels, they start bleeding when affected with infections such as cold, flu, and cold, or when exposed to minor shocks like placing a finger in the nose.

-General Methods for prevention:

-Avoid exposure to the sun unnecessarily, especially at noon.

-Putting a hat or covering on the head or using a sunshade.

-Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing, preferably cotton.

-Drinking a lot of water (8 glasses a day), and it may be necessary to drink 15 liters of water with 3 tablespoons of table salt added to it.

-Eat healthy meals (vegetables, fruits and grains), because 50% of the food weight contains liquids.

Avoid applying oils and creams to the skin, as they prevent sweating and thus raise the body temperature.

– Make sure that the place where you are located provides you with good ventilation, moderate cold and very little humidity.

-Sleep well and get plenty of rest.

-Follow the daily weather forecast, watch out for days that are hotter than usual, and avoid going out on those days to keep yourself healthy.

-Be very careful when going out. If you go out, try to stay in the shade. Be aware of how you are feeling and find an air-conditioned place if you have symptoms.

-Stay hydrated by drinking water and electrolyte replacement drinks.

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