General Farm Worker positions in Canada

To find job listings for General Farm Worker positions in Canada, you can use various online job search platforms, government websites, or agricultural job boards. Here are some resources and steps you can take:

  1. Government of Canada Job Bank:
    • Visit the Government of Canada’s Job Bank website (
    • Use the search bar to enter keywords like “General Farm Worker,” “Farm Labourer,” or related terms along with your preferred location(s) in Canada.
    • Browse through the job listings, and apply for positions that match your skills and qualifications.
  2. Indeed Canada:
    • Go to Indeed Canada’s website (
    • Enter “General Farm Worker” in the search bar along with your desired location(s) in Canada.
    • Filter the results by date, salary, company, etc., to narrow down relevant job postings.
    • Explore job descriptions and apply directly through Indeed’s platform.
  3. Workopolis:
    • Visit Workopolis (
    • Similar to Indeed, enter “General Farm Worker” or related terms in the search bar with your location preference.
    • Review the job listings and follow the application instructions provided.
  4. Agricultural Job Boards:
  5. Local Farming Associations and Websites:
    • Check local farming associations, agricultural cooperatives, or regional farming websites in the provinces or territories you’re interested in.
    • They may have job postings directly from farms or agricultural businesses looking for farm workers.
  6. Networking and Referrals:
    • Network with individuals in the agricultural industry, attend farming-related events or workshops, and join online forums or social media groups focused on farming in Canada.
    • Referrals from people already working in the industry can sometimes lead to job opportunities that are not publicly advertised.

When applying for General Farm Worker positions, make sure your resume highlights relevant experience, skills such as operating farm equipment, knowledge of agricultural practices, and a willingness to work outdoors in various conditions. Good luck with your job search!

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