Fredericton Capital RegionNew Brunswick’s jewel in the crown

The city of Fredericton that sits in the heart of the region

Does the idea of living in a place where urban lifestyle and rural charm coexist, excite you?

Look no further, as the Capital Region of New Brunswick offers a unique blend of hustle and calm, a plethora of opportunities and a dose of tranquility, all in one place. The city of Fredericton that sits in the heart of the region is not only the provincial Capital but is also a dynamic hub where history and innovation converge, creating something truly special. This dynamic city is home to nearly half of the region’s population, and it serves as a major center for economic growth, infrastructure development, education, research, cultural vibrancy, tourism, and service provision.

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 Very recently, Fredericton landed first place as the most livable city across Atlantic Canada, according to the Globe and Mail’s 2023 edition of Canada’s most livable cities. It is the perfect place to call home because of its strong sense of community, its cultural and natural appeal, and recreational amenities. With over 140 points of leisure and business interest scattered throughout the region, there’s always something new to explore and discover.

New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province in Canada, and language diversity is a notable aspect of the Capital Region. While English is the primary language spoken by 92.7 percent of the population, French also plays a significant role, with 6.5 percent using it as their first language. Moreover, over 20 percent of individuals in the region are bilingual, reflecting the rich linguistic tapestry of the area.

In recent years, the Capital Region has experienced substantial population growth, largely attributed to net international and interprovincial migration. From July 2021 to July 2022, these migration numbers exceeded the decade-long averages, offering exciting prospects for the region’s future.

Education is the foundation of success, and in the Capital Region, it’s evident that a significant portion of the population has embraced this notion. With access to 17 post-secondary institutions providing quality education, 64.80 percent of residents between the ages of 25 to 64 hold post-secondary qualifications which is higher than the provincial average of 60.30 percent. This focus on education has led to a robust labour force with 73,300 individuals, boasting a participation rate of 64 percent, surpassing the provincial average. In terms of individual total income, residents of the Capital Region earn a higher average income as compared to other urban centers in New Brunswick.

Businesses play a pivotal role in the Capital Region’s economic landscape. With an estimated 6,752 businesses, encompassing a diverse range of industries, this region offers a vibrant and resilient business environment. Fredericton leads the way with approximately 5,079 businesses, highlighting its role as an economic powerhouse. Retail, professional and technical services, and healthcare are the three largest employers in the region, reflecting a commitment to the well-being of its residents and the development of a thriving community.

Learn more about living, working or studying in the Fredericton Capital Region

 One notable advantage of the Capital Region is its manageable commute times. For residents and workers, access to the vibrant city of Fredericton is convenient, with New Maryland just 14 minutes away and Grand Lake approximately 41 minutes from the city center. This ease of commuting fosters a sense of community and collaboration among the region’s entities.

As you explore the Capital Region, we invite you to delve deeper into the data and insights presented here. Whether you are a resident, a business owner, a visitor, or considering to move here, our region offers a promising future, a balanced lifestyle, and a community ready to embrace new horizons. Come and be part of the Capital Region’s journey to a prosperous and vibrant tomorrow.

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