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We offer you the visitors of “jobusacanada” different models of jobs and job opportunities in the countries of Canada, the United States of America and the European Union, and we aim by providing these forms to help you, dear people, to access the job, and they are available for submission, and we will work to update them whenever we have them.

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By learning the job in Italy with a real Italian farmer, in a real farm, the worker could have the opportunity to become a business partner of the former employer by establishing together a new farm business unit of the same farming business in another Italian province or even in the native country of the worker. In that case we can provide the right entrepreneurship course by collaborating with the agricultural entrepreneur who hired the foreign human resource. The best farms provide the best food, you can do the same entrepreneurial work in Italy after your job experience or even in your native country, by using the same practices you learned in Italy.

Finding a job opportunity in agriculture shouldn’t be difficult. Agriculture is the main key factor for human health, so facilitating work in this sector is the most important action to do in order to spread the best agricultural practices in every country. This is possible by helping people with a real passion for agriculture to come to a country (Italy) that has made its agriculture and related cooking an excellence, also by fighting any GMO crop. This is one of the best ways to keep the human being safe, strong and always in good health throughout his Life.

Supporting English speaking men and women that dream to live a farm job experience in Italy.

Finding a good farm job in Italy it’s not easy. Our expertise and knowledge network put in contact employers and well referenced candidates in order for them to find the best win win deal. Italian farmers can train people with real passion in farming in order to create, in a second time, another business unit managed together with a trusted business partner, as an au pair management abroad.

The foreign farm worker trained in Italy can have the great opportunity to return in his/her country with a great know-how in farming, and he/she could start a farming business well supported by his/her Italian former employer, now as a true business partner to do agricultural business in the best way in the worker’s home country.

  • We contact directly Italian farmers to understand their needs
  • We select candidates also by asking reference from our partners worldwide
  • We provide to the candidate a job program based on the farmer requests
  • If all will match, we provide a 4 week intensive Italian language course and all the necessary services to the candidate

We’re experts based in Italy focused on helping English speaking candidates worldwide to find and submit seasonal or long-term job requests to the best Italian Farm Companies

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If you are an agricultural entrepreneur looking for a foreign referenced human resource able to learn and therefore help you to expand your business in other provinces or abroad once you’ll have formed him/her, or, if you are a potential worker candidate who wants to come in Italy to learn the Italian language and to work in an Italian farm, after this work experience you could have the chance of an entrepreneurial path in the agricultural sector. You could also receive an entrepreneurship course specific for your challenge in an Italian province or in your native country.

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