Family dog brings help to two girls struck by lightning

According to the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office, the girls, who were camping in the area for a family reunion, set out for an ATV adventure near Big Flat in the Beaver Mountains when things turned ugly.

The girls, ages 8 and 16, who were accompanied on their ride by the family’s dog, rode their four-wheeler into the mountains and ventured out to do some exploring. Later, when they were returning to the parked ATV, both were struck by lightning.

Like a scene out of Lassie, the girls’ faithful dog seemed to know just what to do. According to the release, the dog returned to camp and managed to convey to the family members that there was a problem.

Thanks to the dog, family members were led back to the girls’ location – both children were reported to be unconscious when help arrived.

The girls were initially taken to Beaver Valley Hospital and then transported via Life Flight to Primary Children’s Hospital for care. According to the release, the eight-year-old girl is in critical condition and the 16-year-old girl is in serious, but stable condition.

A subsequent release by the Sheriff’s Office reports that the 16-year-old is making “great improvements” and the eight-year-old remains in critical condition, but is also improving steadily.
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