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General Bank of Canada is a remarkable success story in Canadian banking history. As one of Canada’s very few privately held banks, we compete every day against much larger banks for a little piece of market share. Now fifteen years into our history, we’ve built a successful business by focusing on our core beliefs around People, Relationships, Adaptability & Flexibility, Looking Ahead, and ultimately, Sustainability.

People who work at GBC take pride in our accomplishments. Over half of our staff of 53 have been with us for eight years or more. Most came here for a job but they’ve stayed for the satisfaction we all feel in building a bank that will stand for generations. The generational aspect is important to us. We are family owned, and the family views GBC as an integral part of their future. That sense of family extends to the employee experience at GBC as well. It’s something that I hear often when people talk about why they stay.

As a leader, I value curiosity in my teams. That’s why we are transparent and inclusive in how we run the business. Everyone at GBC knows what our plan is, how they fit, and how we are performing against the plan. Many people value work life balance, something I like to refer to as integration. When you are at work, you are still a parent, an athlete, a community volunteer – whatever it is that captures your interest outside of work. And when you are away from work, you are still a GBC employee – demonstrating our core beliefs which I believe lead to positive outcomes in your personal life as well.

People that work for GBC have a feeling that they are part of building something special – the knowledge that some day down the road, they can point to GBC and tell their families that they were part of the first generation of the amazing success story that is General Bank of Canada.

Why Choose GBC?

We prepare and empower our employees to make smart business decisions with a mindful risk outlook.  We encourage a culture of respect, teamwork and support so that we may advance our individual and business goals.  Our leadership team regularly takes steps to improve GBC employees experience through collaboration and open dialogue.  We embody a high performing and relaxed culture so that our employees can have a balanced personal and professional work life.

What Makes you a Fit?

  • You enjoy strong relationships with customers and coworkers
  • You thrive in a fast paced work environment
  • You apply your best judgement in making day-to-day decisions, all while considering the “why,” and the Bank’s risk appetite

Perks of Working at GBC

  • Career opportunity with a growing, stable company
  • Professional development support and mentoring offered
  • Competitive compensation, benefits and RRSP
  • Convenient downtown location with onsite gym and rooftop patio

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