Best Steak Marinade In Existence

1 kilo beef steak
3 eggs
A cup and a half of ground rusk
Half a cup of white flour
Abundant oil for frying
3 onions, chopped
Pinch of salt
Pinch of black pepper
1 cup of milk
If the steak is not ready, prepare it by hammering it with a meat hammer until it becomes like a steak
Preparing the marinade: We prepare a bowl in which we put the salt, black pepper, chopped onions and yogurt and stir them together until they are combined
Put the beef steak slices in the marinade, turn the steak in the marinade until it is completely covered, and leave the beefsteak slices in the marinade for at least an hour until the seasoning is completely absorbed
In a bowl, mix the flour and the ground rusk, and in another bowl, beat the eggs with a fork
Drop the steak slices into the eggs, then remove them and turn them into the flour mixture and rusk, preferably leaving it for an hour in the freezer
We prepare a frying pan and heat the frying oil in it over a medium heat, then put the steak slices, stirring until golden
The steak is lifted on kitchen tissues, then served with sauteed vegetables
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The secret of the success of making fried beef steak:
The longer the steak is in the marinade, the better
In order for the rusk, eggs and flour to stick together, put the fried steak in the freezer for an hour before frying
The secret of fried steak crunch is the outer layer of rusk and flour
Benefits of fried beef beef:
Eating fried beef steak provides the body with protein and strengthens the immune system
Fried beef steak protects against anemia and osteoporosis
One piece of fried beef steak contains 50 calories


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