An impressive story of the life of a beautiful puppy has lost his teeth

Though Shroder was in Michigan, and the puppy was being cared for by a rescue group in Arkansas, Shroder knew that she had to take action.

The pup, named “Grin,” was with Rocky Ridge Refuge, under the care of the agency’s founder, Janice Wolf. On the bottom, left side of Grin’s mouth, there are no teeth – but that didn’t deter her potential adopter in the slightest.

Grin had a rough start in life – Wolf happened to be at a veterinary hospital when Grin’s original owners brought her in to be put down.
The puppy had a badly broken jaw and her owners claimed that they didn’t know what had happened.

Fortunately for Grin, Wolf was willing and able to take the six-week-old pup under her wing and get her the care that she desperately needed.

While Grin was at Rocky Ridge Refuge, she made a friend – another horribly injured pup (someone hit him in the head with a baseball bat!) dubbed “Barrett.” Grin and Barrett…what a pair!

According to Wolf, Grin’s shattered jaw was fragile and aside from Barrett, she couldn’t be around other dogs while she healed.

Since Barrett was equally fragile, the pups were able to give each other much-needed companionship and comfort.

At four months of age, after Grin had recuperated from her devastating injury, she was placed up for adoption – it was one of Wolf’s adoption posts on the Rocky Ridge Refuge Facebook page that caught Shroder’s eye.

It took several weeks of planning, but Wolf and Shroder were able to work out the details to get Grin into her forever home in Michigan.

Today Grin is known as “Grindy Girl” and she lives with her canine adopted sister “Pyper.” Shroder had this to say about Grindy, “she’s just the sweetest girl.”
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