An impressive story for dog Picasso … So who help him?

All animals deserve a loving home, despite their demeanor or physical appearance. There’s a reason that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Some dogs are born with characteristics that, unfortunately, make them less attractive to a potential owner. Although these features are what makes each one unique, not everyone sees it this way, and those poor animals are often ignored by most adoptive families for reasons beyond their control.

Picasso, a puppy born with a severe birth defect, is one such animal. When his breeder was unable to sell him immediately, he decided to abandon the poor pooch…

Meet Picasso, a puppy born with a disfigured face to an Oregon breeder. After his owner deemed the pooch unsellable, the breeder decided to abandon him and his brother, Pablo, at the local shelter Luvable Dog Rescue.

The shelter was overcrowded, but they were willing to take the helpless pooches. “Luvable agreed to take the boy with the crooked face first and then we learned he had a brother who was also abandoned. We couldn’t leave the brother behind so we said we would take him too!!! So both boys just arrived,” staff members from Luvable Dog Rescue said on their social media page.

Staff at Luvable Dog Rescue were unsure whether Picasso was born with his disfigured jaw or if it was from an injury he suffered, though, they believe it was a birth defect.

For now, Picasso and Pablo appear to both be in good health. The shelter is still attempting to find them a forever home, which they hope will happen very soon.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting or learning more about Picasso and Pablo, you can find more information about providing them with a forever home on the Luvable Dog Rescue website!
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 the Luvable Dog Rescue website!

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