15 Pictures That Prove Miniature Schnauzers Are A Gift From God

1. This very good pup:

kuikui.03 / Via instagram.com

2. This sweet angel:

themattmarr / Via instagram.com

3. This little smartie:

jijiko / Via instagram.com

4. This fluffy marshmallow:

everybody_loves_luna / Via instagram.com

5. This very serious doggo:

franklin_is_a_dog / Via instagram.com

6. This jet-setter:

barneyamsterdam / Via instagram.com

7. This sleepy buddy:

hogarththeminiatureschnauzer / Via instagram.com

8. These perfectly matched BFFs:

ez_theminischnauzers / Via instagram.com

9. This easy rider:

instajoeedgar / Via instagram.com

10. This very innocent pup who certainly did not just eat that whole casserole:

pikkupuotiaino / Via instagram.com

11. This happy passenger:

superowen_theschnauzer / Via instagram.com

12. This loyal babysitter:

saragood11 / Via instagram.com

13. This tiny baby:

bentley_badass / Via instagram.com

14. This bath-time champ:

mika5844 / Via instagram.com

15. This lil’ flirt:

youngdbi / Via instagram.com
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