What Do I Do with a Parrot That Bites?

 Parrots that bite quite often can be pretty common, usually they’re doing it out of fear or pure aggression (which is usually a case of poor training regimes). This clearly isn’t something you want to be a part of, as parrot bites aren’t anything to mess around with. They’re powerful because the beak of the parrot itself is pretty durable (as well as dense), meaning it could leave a pretty decent mark if you allow it to. It’s crucial that you teach your parrot not to bite as quickly as possible, and if you can do it as soon as you own the pet it’s going to make things heaps easier. It’s important to every single bird owner that their feathered friends are content with life itself when they’re biting it’s usually because they’re to express how they feel about a certain situation. You have to tame the problem before it becomes persistent, which means that the parrot is going to be doing it quite consistently.

Here are a few training tips that should leave you in pretty great hands when it comes to your parrots’ behavior, in the end you always want to keep them content. It’s crucial, so do whatever you can! Without further ado, the tips are as follows:

  • We weren’t all born to handle birds, especially ones that are as intelligent as parrots. That’s no problem though, as just about every single person in the world can train a bird to practice patience and elegance; it’s just going to take a little bit of time.
  • Practice strength, don’t be afraid of the bird! An aggressive bird can tell when you’re terrified of their actions, don’t jerk your fingers/hands away from the cage if it goes for you. Jerky movements make the bird nervous as well, adding to the frustration it might be dealing with.
  • Move the bird to a different location, chances are it could be biting and being all around aggressive due to the territory. If a bird feels like it’s marked its territory it’s going to act in a defensive manner, and when your remove it from the area it can sometimes improve things instantly.
  • Use tools if you have to, if you can’t put your hand inside the cage because a bird is being so aggressive you need to act swiftly. Make use of tools and do whatever you can with those, we would strongly suggest a strong pair of oven mitts (so you can still have leverage with your hands).
  • Don’t yell, the only thing it’s going to do is make the bird much more worry (and scared) of its surroundings; causing it to act much more aggressively.

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