Hidden in a bush, this dog has witnessed the worst of the Scenes

The cruelty in the pure state.
It is in Lebanon that took place this terrible history. In a neighborhood of the city where lived a pack of stray dogs, the employees of the municipality are arrived a beautiful day with food full of poison. Hungry, the DOGS precipitate on the Food and die one after the other.
A video has been turned in this terrible event and when the association Animals Lebanon had knowledge, she has decided to act. The scene the most horrible of this video is the one where the there is a dog approach of employees, as to claim a little pity. There, employees put food on a stick and the sink to the bottom of the mouth of the poor TOUTOU.
These events took place while the President of Lebanon has made a law prohibiting the cruelty on the animals. Shocked by this event, the Chairman then posted a message on his facebook account accompanied by a photo where it poses in the company of his own dog.
A true survivor
but a dog has survived to this massacre. Now named survivor, the brave dog has witnessed the death of his friends and his family and has decided to take refuge in a bush in order to escape a certain death.
In discovering the existence of survivor, the members of the association decide to act and to recover the dog in order to offer him a new chance in life. Taken to the veterinarian, the dog was declared in good health despite his life in the street. It was by against totally terrified by men.
A New Life for Survivor
This week, survivor has begun a new chapter in its life because it has been supported by the Association Sweet Paws Rescue located in Boston. A long trip the expected. It will remain in the Association the necessary time for he found the family of its dreams. A family in which he will be happy and well treated, as it deserves.
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