A cinema will organize a projection accessible to the dogs!

The Roxie Theater of San Francisco will organize on March 19th a completely woof session in which all dogs will be able to attend!
Difficult to go enjoy a movie when you have to leave your dog alone at home. You see him making his beaten dog’s head when he looks at you helpless, take your things and slam the door? Yes, we can feel a bit of guilt …
To remedy this, the Roxie Theater in San Francisco found the solution: to allow dogs during an exceptional screening of Wes Anderson’s film The Isle of Dogs. No doubt the doggies will react in the dark room!
When will access to the 7th Art for dogs?
In France, cinemas do not allow dogs. But on February 8, Wamiz and Royal Canin organized an unprecedented preview of the film Belle et Sébastien 3 at the Etoile Lilas cinema in Paris, in the presence of thirty or so guide dogs who accompanied people with visual impairments. A first in France that has been a great success, both in humans and dogs!
While L’Île aux chiens will be released in France on April 11, will some cinemas also open their dog gates?

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