Live Webinar: Preparing for Success: Immigration and Banking Advice for International Students in Canada

oving to a new country as an international student can be exciting, but it's normal to feel some uncertainty too.

Are you preparing to come to Canada as an international student? Moving to a new country as an international student can be exciting, but it’s normal to feel some uncertainty too. That’s why CanadaVisa and TD are joining forces to bring you a joint live and interactive webinar, in which we will share insights that may be useful to you.

In this webinar we will share useful insights about:

  • Navigating the study permit process
  • Navigating banking and personal financial needs for international students in Canada

Navigating Canada’s study permit process and banking can be a new experience. CanadaVisa and TD are here to provide helpful information that might guide you through the process.

Join us for an informative session where we will provide practical tips on moving to Canada and managing your personal banking needs: Preparing for Success: Immigration and Banking Advice for International Students in Canada, on Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 11:00AM EDT presented by CanadaVisa and TD.

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In this two-part webinar, we’ll provide valuable insights into immigration and banking in Canada that can help you make a smoother transition.

Part 1: Your Path to Canada: Practical Immigration Guidance

Let CanadaVisa walk you through the following information and recent updates to try help you learn more about study permit process:

Step 1: Selecting Your Program

  • Explore Different Degree Options: Learn about undergraduate and graduate studies to help decide on the best fit for your academic goals.
  • Understanding Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs): Get acquainted with DLIs and access a comprehensive list to aid your decision-making process. 

Step 2: Applying for Your Study Permit

  • Application Process Overview: Understand the key steps, including obtaining a letter of acceptance, a provincial attestation letter, and completing the study permit application.
  • Preparation for Arrival: Learn what documents you may need to travel to Canada, including your study permit, visitor visa, or eTA.

Step 3: Coming to Canada: Updates on Recent Changes

  • New rules: Stay informed about recent changes in study permit regulations, including provincial allocations and cap exemptions.
  • Work Permits for Family Members: Discover the availability of open work permits for spouses and common-law partners.
  • Student Direct Stream (SDS) Benefits: Explore the advantages of SDS, such as faster processing times (20 calendar days) and eligibility criteria, including residency and Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) requirements.

Part 2: Building a Strong Financial Foundation in Canada

Managing your finances can be an important part of your journey in Canada. In this section, TD will equip you with helpful information to help you navigate the Canadian banking system.

  • Understanding Chequing and Savings Accounts: Discover the benefits, and why having both types of accounts might be helpful.
  • Credit Scores and Why They Matter: Gain an understanding of credit scores, their significance in Canada, and steps you can take to maintain a good one.
  • Budgeting Tips: Learn some helpful strategies to manage your finances in Canada. We’ll provide some tips on how to track expenses, prioritize spending, and potentially save money.
  • TD International Student GIC Program: Learn how this program might help you meet financial requirements to get an expedited study permit under the SDS program.
  • TD International Student banking package: Explore TD’s tailored banking solutions for international students. Learn about the convenient access and personalized support available to you.

Get Informed Before You Make the Move to Canada

The prospect of moving to a new country to study can be exciting but may be challenging too. With access to information, you may feel more confident as you pursue your overseas study dreams.

Let CanadaVisa provide you with helpful advice on Canadian immigration and TD provide you helpful advice on managing your finances in Canada.

Don’t miss out – register now for this informational webinar that’s designed for newcomers like you.

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