How to Interpret the Parrot’s Beak?

Beak Grinding.
It should be considered a normal behaviour.  Parrots usually grind their beaks when they are glad or when they feel sleepy. Such behavior is common at the parrot’s bedtime.  It is a behavior which likely functions in rendering the beak trim and sharp.
Beak Clicking
Some cockatoos and cockatiels rub their top mandible tip over the bottom one.  The owner should not be too worried about such eccentric habit.
Beak Wiping
A lot of parrots love rubbing their beaks on their perches. This is done in order to get food off the beak or to keep the beak polished.
It is an affection sign. A parrot which regurgitates food from its crop to its owner is one that treats its owner as its friend or a close mate.  Mated birds usually feed each other by regurgitating food into each other’s beaks, this indicates harmony among them.  In several parrots, it is only the male which regurgitates to the female. It is a way to court her and “sponsor” her when she is on the nest incubating eggs and cannot fetch her own food.  This is hardly noticed in species where both parents take turns with incubating eggs, like a lot of white cockatoos.
Before regurgitation, birds bob their heads fast.  Some birds may even regurgitate onto a preferred toy or a mirror. 
The bird is overheated, anxious, or exhausted after exercising.  If the bird is panting due to overheat, put the bird in a cooler place. If the bird is panting due to anxiety, place it immediately in a free anxiety atmosphere. Stress may easily lead to parrots death. 
Biting is seen when the parrot is scared, or it is taking care of its territory, or it is attempting to control its owner. Even baby parrots use their beaks to find out things, and almost all parrots use their beaks to steady themselves when climbing or walking on a perch.
Fresh blood parrots sometimes entertain by sparring with their beaks, similar to the manner by which dogs will jaw-spar. One should make sure that parrots do this just for fun. Different sized birds should not be permitted to interact this way.
Feathers over Beak
Cockatoos are blessed with mobile feathers under their beaks and will fluff them over their beaks when they are at ease and happy with their surroundings.
Parrots over chew during the breeding season, for they are cavity breeders and it is necessary for them to hollow out a tree stump to use as a nest.  For them chewing is fun. It is recommended to provide the parrots with many chew toys.

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