DV lottery 2023 results by country

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DV lottery 2023 results by country

According to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, immigrant visas, which allow immigrants to live and work legally and permanently in the United States, have been divided among six geographic regions “with a maximum of 7 per cent available for people born in a single country.”




North America


South America, Central America and the Caribbean

The office has published in its latest report, the official statistical country by country breakdown for FY 2023. Here are the 15 countries that benefited the most from the program with the number of selected applicants:

Egypt – 6,002

Iran – 6,001

Russia – 6.001

Algeria – 6.001

Sudan – 6.001

Ukraine – 5.604

Uzbekistan – 5.319

Democratic Republic of Congo – 4.503

Morocco – 4.458

Albania – 3.962

Ethiopia – 3.957

Nepal – 3.801

Cameroon – 3.686

Hana – 3.284

Turkey – 2.874

Results for some European countries:

Belgium – 32

Germany – 563

Italy – 289

Portugal – 24

Spain – 114

France – 272

“Approximately 132,404 applicants have been registered and notified and are now eligible to apply for an immigrant visa,” the bulletin explains.

“Since it is likely that some of the first 55,000 people registered will not pursue their case for visa issuance, this higher number should ensure that all DV-2023 numbers are used.”

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