5 Signs That Your Dog Actually Loves You

does my dog know that i love him?and how do dogs show they love you?Many questions you need us to know the answer.

We love our dogs as if they are members of our families – because to us they really are! We show our dogs we love them in so many ways outside of just their regular care and maintenance, by doing things like buying them special treats and toys. But how do our dogs tell us they love us? We have a good feeling that they do, but it would be awesome to know for sure. Sometimes it might feel like a one-sided relationship, but if your dog does these 5 things for you–then this means they love you right back just as much!

1-Eyebrow Raising and Movement:
According to a recent study in Japan, dogs were introduced to their owners, a stranger, a dog toy, and an item they did not like. Research shows that, upon seeing their owner, the dogs immediately raised their eyebrows; this suggests that the dog is more reserved and in love with its owner than when they are engaging someone they do not know.

2-sleeping with you:
Dogs are pack animals, and in the wild wolves and other canids sleep huddled together in packs. This helps keep them warm and help them feel safe. It’s also a way for your dog to show you he cares. He wants to be near you, and this is his natural way of showing you he feels comfortable and sees you as family.
3-When they watch you leave calmly:
Have you ever noticed the expression of calm and sad on the face of your dog when you leave the house? It means that your dog loves and trusts you and is sure you are going to come back. And they’ll wait at the window when they are sensing you are coming home. Looking sadly out, like one waiting for a lover to come home. Even your true lover does not do that.
4-wagging tails:
Although tail wagging isn’t always a sign of happiness, it’s generally displayed towards dog owners as a means of affection. When a dog is wagging his tail loosely, and his body language is showing other signs of comfort and excitement, it’s safe to say he’s very happy you’re around!
5-Freaking out when you return:
This is your dog distinctive way of showing you their loved. Believe me, as a dog owner we feel special when we go home and our dog greet us with his wagging tail, a favorite toy as a gift, and he is jumping all over the place. This is a sign your dog love you.
source :aboutmydogs

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