This top of the 6 truths to never forget about your dog

This top of the 6 truths to never forget about your dog shows to what point your animal is important and at what point it has need of love. Dogs are of susceptible animals and faithful who ask only to love and to be loved in return.

1/ am not ignore not too long

I do screws that 10 to 15 years. When you are away from me too long, I feel sad and alone, I want to take my time to share with you.

2/ Take me everywhere with you so that I can make meetings

I will be can be a little shy or on the defensive at the beginning but if you let me accompany, I will become more confident and more friendly. This will make me a dog filled and liked by others.

3/ Do m not give up when a new member of the family arrives

too of my friends have been abandoned because of a baby arrived in the family. I also party of the family and even if I am a little jealous at the beginning, I promise you that I will learn to love and protect the baby as much as you.

4/ Do not be angry with me when I you jumps above to your arrival

i love you so much that it is sometimes difficult for me to retain my joy when I you found after a long day of waiting. I thought to our reunion throughout the day, I wish simply to greet you.

5/ Learn me new things

I am very intelligent and I like to learn new things. I want to be able to serve you and make you proud each day. The teaching is like a game for me, I need for m to flourish.

6/ give me time to understand what you want me to

I do not speak your language but I can understand if you leave me a little time to assimilate the words. I do not understand may be not always what you ask of me but I do everything I can to get there.

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