Dog breeds

Dog breeds
The list of dog breeds has been developed by the FCI (International Cynological Federation). There are 10 groups in which are divided the different breeds of dogs. These groups were formed according to the morphology and the utility of the dog.
The FCI recognizes 339 dog breeds worldwide. This worldwide canine organization is made up of 84 member countries. The SCC (Central Canine Society) of France belongs to the FCI.
Official standards for each dog breed
Some breeds of dogs are only recognized by some cynological organizations, but not by the FCI.
There are official characteristics and standards for each breed of dog. This is taken into account for a dog to be registered in the LOF when it is confirmed.
It is better to buy a purebred dog from a breeder to ensure his pedigree. One must think carefully before deciding to adopt a dog: some breeds may not be adapted to your lifestyle.

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