Bird Toys Large Parrot Toys 63 Inch Rope Bungee Climbing Ropes,Swing Toys…

Bird Toys Large Parrot Toys 63 Inch Rope Bungee Climbing Ropes,Swing Toys, Jusney® Spiral Standing Toys About 160 Centimeter Long (Large)
From Jusney

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Product Description

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Package included: 1 X Parrot Toy

Item model number: LBW-0053

Main composition : 100% cotton rope provides a soft footing,cotton rope parrot toys , colorful cotton rope, steel wire, bell, plastic connectors.

Product Dimensions(CM):160*2.2( Hand made product size deviation)

Commodity Description: help the birds to increase exercise, strengthen muscle, play diverse.

Notice: All of the parrot /birds toys made in natural food coloring and material.

color for edible pigment to ensure the pet physical and mental health,

All of the toys we guarantee the bird and parrot use safety.

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Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #3604 in Pet Products
  • Size: Large
  • Brand: Jusney


  • This auxiliary with wire, there is steel wire and coated a layer of cotton rope, sturdy and durable, therefore it can be straight or curled, there is a small bell at the end – this bell is not loud enough to be annoying, but it piques Your parrot/bird curiosity!
  • It’s seems to be a good size for your parrot and good exercise for him to climb up and down it so you can hang a foraging toy in the middle of the coil to keep him busy, All the while he gets a workout on balance and it gives his feet a rest from the ridged perches.
  • This is a super cute long spiral and colorful rope bungee toy (can freely stretch), the rope is very well made and is tightly woven you can uncoil it to whatever length you want and the coil it right back up again, It holds is easy to adjust.
  • It’s very strong, this climbing ropes human force can shrink,Large parrot climbing ropes, cotton rope toys spiral, deformation, spring coil, standing poles chew toy,Suitable for parrot: amazon, grey parrots, compromise, sunflower, etc.

Customer Reviews

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3Decent bungee perch. Needs some tweaking but serves its purpose.
By CoffeeBean
Decent bungee perch. Not a fan that it’s made in China (PRC = People’s Republic of China) but what isn’t made there these days? I felt that the quality control wasn’t as good as other bird products (yes, most probably also made in China, I know, but some companies have higher standards).

This bungee, compared to other brands, is not as solid or strong but works well enough. I took off the bell for safety purposes and covered the metal hoops so my African Greys wouldn’t be in contact with it. You can twist the rope and feel the wire underneath.

What I was not happy about was the sloppy finish work at each end. A lot of dried glue was exposed. I tried getting rid of the excess glue but it wasn’t a total success. Therefore, I wrapped the string fluff around the glue to cover it and wrapped and tied the fluff around with paper rope and leather string. So far so good. My Greys haven’t demolished my efforts.

I purchased this because of the amazing price compared to other bungee perches out on the market. However, I will stick to the Booda brand due to their exceptional craftsmanship and safer construction.
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5My parrot LOVES this toy !!!
By denise
My parrot LOVES this Jusney Small or Medium-Sized Parrot Toy Pure Natural Colorful Bead Cage Parrot Chewing Toy. He has so much fun playing on it. I am so thankful and happy that the bell that is on this toy is not loud. Because he is always making it wring .He loves to climb up and down this toy and when he gets to the bottom he makes the bell make noise. My parrot even talks to this toy LOL This toy is made with great quality stuff.The colors on this toy are really nice and bright. I can see this item lasting for quite sometime and that is great. I think i am going to get another smaller toy and hang it really close to this one so he can play with. I really think my parrot loves the way this toy bounces when he is playing on it. I think i might try to get a smaller version of this for my cockatiels to see if they will love it as much as my parrot does.
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5Will return for more toys!
By K. Moneyhun
Great quality and my mini macaw loves it. Flixible and easy to wrap where you need it. This was half the cost I would pay in local stores for same type of priduct.
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