7 tourist destinations for the elderly in Europe

 7 tourist destinations for the elderly in Europe

Europe has a very rich culture and history, which makes it a popular holiday destination among the elderly. There are plenty of Museums, parks, great landmarks, and a variety of restaurants. In short, if you are a retiree, there are great ways to pamper yourself in any city in Europe. However, it is very easy to navigate and discover the very few cities for senior travelers. When planning your holiday in Europe, what every big traveler should consider is the level of fitness, ease of access to major attractions and activities, best means of transportation, as well as budget and vacation duration.

So, we have picked a number of the best cities to visit for senior travelers in Europe. So, you are welcome to follow our journey in 7 Seniors Friendly Cities in Europe.

1. Rome, Italy

Rome is a great city to visit in Europe for older travelers. In the ancient city of Rome, most attractions, hotels, and restaurants are fully accessible to elderly people even with a wheelchair. This means that the city sidewalks all have wheelchair ramps, and the city itself is flat, so no matter your fitness level, you will find it very easy to get around.

While Rome is very crowded in high season, if you travel off-season, in the fall, for example, you’ll get almost all of Rome to yourself. In addition, hotel and travel prices tend to drop in the off season, moreover, you do not have to worry about renting a car, because you can easily travel to Rome from any destination in Europe by train. There is nothing more convenient than traveling by train on Trenitalia’s modern and advanced high-speed trains. In addition to the convenience and great train service, you can enjoy special discounts on train tickets for seniors.

2. Milan in Italy

The Duomo and Leonardo De Vinci’s “Last Supper” have made Milan a paradise for art and history lovers. Beyond being an architectural gem, Milan is extremely friendly to big travelers and has so far won the 2016 EU Access Award. Hence Milan is one of the best cities to visit in Europe for the elderly travelers.

If you are over 60 and ready for a beautiful life, then you will have a very amazing time in Milan. The Italian cuisine, the stunning architecture of the basilica, art galleries, art galleries, and museums make you feel excited. When in Milan, you should definitely join a pasta cooking class because it’s never too late to learn the perfect pasta sauce recipe; so you can recreate la dolce vita at home.

3. Bruges, Belgium

Some say that Bruges is the best preserved medieval city in Europe. Cobbled streets, colorful houses, Gothic architecture, all make Bruges a great travel destination in Europe for big travelers. Moreover, there are canals where you can take a cruise and enjoy Bruges without making a move, an experience that any great would appreciate. However, if you still prefer to discover the city on foot, don’t worry, Bruges is a very small city. Therefore, it is ideal for senior travelers of any fitness level.

You should devote at least 3-4 days to sailing through 80 of the city’s canals and relaxing on Lake Minnewater. Another great activity in Bruges is the family souvenir shopping market.

The central train station in Bruges is about a 10-20 minute walk from the city centre, so you can travel anywhere in Belgium and the UK.

4. Baden-Baden, Germany

With trains from Paris, Basel, Zurich, and Munich, the city of Baden-Baden is easily accessible for senior travelers. While it is not a big cosmopolitan city like Berlin, it is the epitome of beautiful life. Germany is home to 900 spas, but the spas in Baden-Baden are on the top of the list.

Spa holiday in Baden-Baden is the ideal holiday option for elder travelers in Europe. The calm pace, mineral and mud spa treatments, beautiful gardens like Paradies, create a piece of paradise. However, if you like staying active on holidays, then there are golf courses and sports clubs in Baden-Baden for you to visit.

Older people in Europe may find most cities difficult to travel, due to the hills and bumpy roads. Hence, it is very important for you to understand if your dream city is the best for your physical abilities. Traveling to the appropriate age-friendly city in Europe is just as important as travel insurance. These top 7 cities to visit for elder Travelers list contain the most accessible cities in Europe for seniors.

5. Berlin, Germany

Museums and landmarks related to World War II and the Cold War make Berlin a great destination for top European travelers. Berlin is flat and the public transport is very good, both buses and underground. If you are in a good fitness level, you can explore the city on a Segway tour.

Berlin’s many green parks are perfect for afternoon strolls and picnics, and art galleries are a great option if you prefer a quiet, cultural activity than wandering through the busy centre.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

With its picturesque canals, Amsterdam has always been a great travel destination for senior European travelers. Amsterdam is one of the best cities to visit in the Netherlands, thanks to its vibes and cozy size. Amsterdam is relatively small compared to other European cities, so you don’t need to run around and worry about sightseeing.

If you’re tired of the crowded city, head out of town to the famous mills or tulip fields, if you’re traveling in the spring. Or if you are in good physical shape, renting a bike and cycling around the charming city is a great idea.

7. Vienna, Austria

Stunning architecture, opera house, and imperial palaces make Vienna a great travel destination for the elderly. If you reach that worry-free period in life, you can just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work, then head to Vienna. Moreover, Vienna is the second most accessible city in Europe for VIP tourists with limited mobility.

Austrian cafés serve cakes and Austrian Schnitzel, you are surely guaranteed an unforgettable dining experience. For the cultural part of the trip, visit the amazing Opera House for a show. After all, Vienna is where Mozart and Schubert composed their masterpiece, The City of Music and Art.

Belvedere Palace is one of the places to visit in Vienna, surrounded by flower gardens and fountains, it is a place to sit and enjoy.

The city center is only 5 minutes away from the central train station. So, if you are coming from neighboring countries, there is nothing easier than traveling to Vienna.

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