3 steps to stop your dog from pulling on his leash

Step 1. 
in creating a win-win walk is to teach your four-legged friend that he’ll have time to satisfy his nose, as you will agree to slow down and let him smell the roses, the wildlife and all the pee-mails.
Step 2.
 is creating a cue for your dog to understand that sniffing time is over for a little bit and exercising time has begun. Start saying that cue and, if you can safely walk on concrete (I am often in the middle of the street walking in our small, sleepy town) or pavement, choose that and give your cue.
Step 3.
 is to also teach your dog that pulling doesn’t get him what he wants. I teach dogs to walk nicely on leash using incredible food reinforcers (meat or cheese) at first. I show the dog the treat and toss it a few feet behind me as I slowly move forward. The dog goes behind me to get the treat and, as he catches up, he is looking at my face to inquire: “You got any more of that stuff? Because I LOVE IT!” I mark the eye-to-eye contact with a happy “Yes!” and toss another treat behind me. I carry on this way for a few blocks, and the dog has not once gotten ahead of me.

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